Advantages over traditional flooring

Moisture Tolerant: All of our systems can be installed over a moisture tolerant base coat. Basement flooding is no longer a concern as it is with carpet, tile, wood, and laminate.

Strength and Durability: Our floors are built for the long haul. The topcoat has extreme chemical and scratch resistance. Once cured, these coatings are permanent.

Easy to Clean: Coatings create a seamless floor, which means they have no cracks or grout lines that collect dirt.Customizable: We are not limited to our samples and color charts. Designs, logos, and custom colors quoted upon request.

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CGFC’s polymer coating systems are beautiful, practical, and protect your investment.

Our coating completely seals and protects the concrete, preventing corrosion and cracking. If the concrete has already started to erode, we install a unique repair coat to level out damaged areas. The garage is the main point of entry for most households. A coated floor from CGFC reduces the amount of dust and dirt that is tracked into the home while leaving an impression of organization and cleanliness. For those with concerns about creating a safe walking path during the icy winter months, ask about our anti-skid options. We can provide about any texture required.


Designer polymer and epoxy coatings are an excellent choice for basement flooring.

Our unique systems allow you to enhance the concrete rather than cover it up. For the price of quality carpet we can create a custom look with our diverse color and texture options.

CGFC coating systems are more practical than traditional options such as carpet, tile, linoleum, and wood. We install a moisture tolerant basecoat designed for basement applications which allows us to warrant our product from delamination. The seamless nature of our product provides for easy cleanup if water problems occur.

Simple and more affordable options are available for utility, laundry, and storage areas. Our floors promote an organized environment that is easy to clean and maintain.


Ultra Premium and Mica Blend coating systems are ideal for exterior projects. Our most common outdoor applications are on covered concrete porches, patios, and enclosed rooms.

CGFC exterior coatings strengthen concrete and protect from weathering. Current cracks and minor corrosion are treated so they will no longer be visible. We also utilize unique clear coats that provide UV stability and prevent salt damage.

Our premium systems dress up drab concrete to create a great impression. Whether your home exterior is brick, stone, stucco, or siding, we have a finish that will blend with the décor.


Columbus Garage Floor Coating offers finishes and custom coatings upon request. Logos, borders, designs, and colors not shown on the Color Sample page are available.

Unlike traditional options, CGFC floor coatings are crafted on-site for the customer. We can mix multiple PVA chip sizes to achieve a desired finish, use different aggregates to make different floor textures, or add a clear coat to create a super high gloss finish. CGFC is happy to accommodate unique customer requirements. Our decorative polymer flooring is a popular specialty finish. We have over 25 colors that are designed to be blended and mixed by our installers. The finished look can mimic marble, create metallic effects, or appear to look three dimensional. Ask a member of the CGFC team for more details.

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