Our Process


During the sales process we check for damage to the floor which will require repair. These include concrete breakdown, damage to the expansion joints and settling of the slab. Such areas will be addressed so that the estimate will accurately reflect work that needs to be done to ensure a quality and professional finish.

Moisture evaluation is critical. We use the Tramex CME4 moisture meter. Moisture tests above 5% would require a moisture mitigation layer to prevent surface delamination due to elevated moisture vapor pressure.

Surface Preparation

This is the critical step in our process. Our goal is to remove any surface contaminants, old penetrating sealers, oil, dirt, and grime from your floor. We want clean porous concrete so that our coatings can penetrate deep into the concrete and create a mechanical bond that will support our lifetime delamination warranty.

We use industrial grade planetary diamond grinders to create a profile that meets or exceeds the industry standard concrete surface profile (CSP3). The diamond grinders are attached to HEPA-rated industrial vacuum systems to ensure we can keep concrete dust to a minimum.

Floor Repair

Most concrete surfaces have some damage that needs to be prepared prior to the coating process. This includes divots, scaling or spalling, cracks, or even significant concrete breakdown. We repair these with a combination of polyurea fillers or one of our epoxy-mortar systems. Our goal is to achieve a slab that looks “just like new” prior to applying our coatings.


This is the fun part and is often referred to as the color coat. We apply our coatings and broadcast flakes depending upon the flooring system you have chosen. Metallic coatings have a slight variation which our project manager will explain at the time of your sales visit.

A word about our coatings —

Columbus Garage Floor Coatings uses industrial grade products from a variety of top-quality suppliers. Much of our industrial work requires use of specific products selected for their superior quality in specific situations. Our experience with these products provides an opportunity for us to choose the best products for your floor. We prefer to work with products from E2U, Rock-Tred, ICP, General Polymers and Elite-Crete Systems. We use Torginal UV-stable flakes and metallic pigments.

We use only 100% solids industrial grade epoxies and Polyaspartic systems. Coating options range from simple epoxy floors or flake floors to one day Polyaspartic floors. We are experienced with Epoxy Mortar systems, Urethane Cement systems and Integral Cove systems.

Top Coat (Clear Coat)

After allowing sufficient time for the color coat to cure the floor is then sanded and the topcoat is applied. We prefer Polyaspartic or Urethanes for our topcoats because of their high wear, chemical resistance (stain resistance) and scratch resistance. They are the most durable topcoats available. Slip resistance is achieved by the addition of “anti-skid” into the topcoat.