How long does it take to install my floor?

Most of our installations take 2 or 3 days.

Is there a difference from your product and what I can buy/install myself from home improvement/paint stores?

Yes. The products we apply are industrial coatings that require experienced technicians to install. Floor coating kits marketed and sold to painters and home owners do not hold up to automobile traffic, oil, and road salts.

I want to have my garage floor done. Where do I put my stuff?

Our customers typically put items inside the house, on the porch, or under a tarp outside. If you don’t have space, we can have a portable storage unit delivered to your driveway for an extra fee.

How long should I wait to drive on my new garage floor?

You can drive on your floor 2 or 3 days after installation.

How do I clean the floor?

We recommend cleaning with a solution of vinegar and water. Our floors can be hosed, power washed, or mopped. To learn more about care and cleaning of your new floor and to download detailed cleaning instructions, click here.

Will oil, grease, or salt damage your coating?

No. Our topcoats do not react to oil, grease or road salts. We offer a 5 year stain warranty on Residential Ultra Premium and Mica Floor Systems.

Will my floor be slippery?

No. We apply an anti-skid agent in our top two coats. Each floor is custom, thus can be as smooth or textured as you would like.

I was told from another company that they can install a floor in one day. Can you do that?

No. We very rarely install a floor in one day. Moisture levels in the concrete must be extremely low for this type of system to permanently adhere. We install most of our projects in two days.

Does the process create a lot of dust?

Not normally. We utilize industrial vacuums that connect to our grinding equipment, so most of the dust in contained right away. When working inside, we take extra care by protecting vents, doorways, and furnaces.

When can I put my stuff back?

You can walk on the floor the following day after installation. Light items can be placed back on the floor at this time. Wait two days for heavy equipment and furniture.

Do you offer a stone epoxy floor option?

No. We have found that the stone based systems are porous, thus very difficult to clean and maintain. We do not install coatings we wouldn’t want in our own homes.

What is your warranty?

For our residential customers, we offer a lifetime delamination warranty on our Superior and Mica systems.  Choice floors have a 5 year delamination warranty.

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