Remodeling and Home Design


Decorative concrete and epoxy coating continue
to gain popularity in the restaurant industry.

Both restaurant owners and industry standards require flooring that holds up to heavy foot traffic, is easy to clean, and provides slip and chemical resistance.  Columbus Garage Floor Coating installs beautiful systems that will exceed these standards.

CGFC kitchen and bathroom flooring is durable and practical.   These systems are chemically resistant to acids, animal fats, detergents, salt, blood, and urine.  We offer multiple textures to optimize safety, as kitchen and bath areas are frequently wet.  Each floor is seamless in nature, containing no crevices or cracks where food particles and contaminants collect.  Our coatings are low maintenance and promote a sanitary environment.

CGFC finishes for bar, dining, and entry areas are fashionable and functional.  Our floors do not require frequent waxing or refinishing.  A solution of vinegar and water or mild detergent is recommended for simple cleaning.  We recommend Decorative Polymer or Mica Blend floors for bar and dining areas, as they add a unique flair to the ambience.