Benefits of Columbus Garage Floor Coating commercial flooring.

Durability: Polymer and epoxy coatings create resilient surfaces for high traffic areas. Our systems specified for commercial use have exceptional compression and tensile strength.

Low Maintenance: The seamless nature of our floors makes them easy to clean and maintain. A simple solution of vinegar and water is recommended.

Decorative: Our coatings can be customized to fit your company’s décor. Mica and decorative polymer systems provide a unique look that gives an astonishing effect.

Chemical and Stain Resistance: Our floors are installed with a topcoat that protects from chemical spills and staining. This ensures a clean and attractive work environment.

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Decorative concrete finishes are the latest trend in flooring for boutiques, salons, showrooms, and other retail outlets.

Small business owners have been looking for a low maintenance option to replace traditional tile, linoleum, and hardwood. Our seamless floors are easy to clean and nearly impossible to scratch or stain.

We offer a diverse collection of finish options that can be customized to fit your decor. CGFC’s Decorative Polymer systems are perfect for customers looking for a modern, clean, and unique feel. Mica Blend floors create a beautiful metallic luster. Ultra Premium flooring options mimic the look of granite or terazzo while Premium systems provide a simpler effect.


Epoxy floor coatings have long been specified for industrial use. Columbus Garage Floor Coating’s superior product and attention to detail sets us apart from larger floor coating firms.

Our project managers will work with your facility and maintenance departments to recommend the proper coating system for the job. Depending on the requirements and purpose of the floor, we will recommend a solution from a variety of polymers, epoxies, and aggregates. Past industrial projects include shop floors, laboratories, walkways, and office spaces.


Columbus Garage Floor Coating systems are designed to perform in environments with vehicular traffic.

Our base coat polymers have high compression strength which allows them to hold up under the weight of cars, trucks, and machinery. CGFC Poly-hybrid top coats prevent staining from oil, grease, gasoline, and tires.

Our automotive clients include body shops, service centers, dealerships, and detailers. It is important to our customers that they keep a clean, attractive work space and to protect their concrete from corrosion and staining. Decorative Polymer and Mica Blend systems create depth and add a high gloss shine to showrooms. Ultra Premium and Premium floors offer a perfect balance of form and function to service bays, work areas, and offices.


Decorative concrete finishes are the latest trend in flooring for boutiques, salons, showrooms, and other retail outlets.

Both restaurant owners and industry standards require flooring that holds up to heavy foot traffic, is easy to clean, and provides slip and chemical resistance. Columbus Garage Floor Coating installs beautiful systems that will exceed these standards.

CGFC kitchen and bathroom flooring is durable and practical. These systems are chemically resistant to acids, animal fats, detergents, salt, blood, and urine. We offer multiple textures to optimize safety, as kitchen and bath areas are frequently wet. Each floor is seamless in nature, containing no crevices or cracks where food particles and contaminants collect. Our coatings are low maintenance and promote a sanitary environment.

CGFC finishes for bar, dining, and entry areas are fashionable and functional. Our floors do not require frequent waxing or refinishing. A solution of vinegar and water or mild detergent is recommended for simple cleaning. We recommend Decorative Polymer or Mica Blend floors for bar and dining areas, as they add a unique flair to the ambience.

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