Thank you for choosing Columbus Garage Floor Coating. Our floors are easily maintained because of their physical and chemical tough finishes. These recommendations will keep your floor looking like new and will assist you in complying with your new floor warranty.

Cleaning Process

The best method to clean your new floor is a five-step process, using the recommended cleaning product. The process varies between smooth and textured floors.

The five steps are:

  • Sweeping – Always sweep the floor thoroughly before cleaning.
  • Application – The means to put the cleaning product on the floor surface.
  • Agitation – Movement of the cleaning product, with a piece of equipment,on the floor surface to aid in the release of foreign material.
  • Dwell Time – Letting the cleaning product stand on the surface to allow timefor emulsifying foreign material.
  • Removal – Removing the cleaning product from the surface of the floor.

We have developed a detailed set of care/cleaning instructions. Click here to download this document.